A multitude of organizations have been studying the impact of social factors on individuals’ health and wellness, with a focus on the negative impact of social isolation on one’s overall wellbeing.

We might be tempted to assume that all older adults become isolated and lonely as a normal part of aging, or that isolation doesn’t necessarily lead to loneliness. However, mounting evidence suggests we should treat loneliness – and the isolation that causes it – as a chronic condition that can be managed to minimize overall health impact and optimize quality of life.

My friend and former boss created an organization for children and teens on the autism spectrum (Erin’s Hope for Friends) with the belief that “every kid should have something to look forward to on the weekends”. I believe this applies more broadly to every human in the context of overall wellness.

Looking back, the most depressing part of my 9-month wait for a donor heart was being unable to make plans for the future. Put simply, I didn’t have anything concrete to look forward to. Fortunately, it was a finite challenge for me, but this is the life of many seniors, especially those living alone.

Companion care services are ideal for combatting loneliness, as well as providing assistance around the house. When it becomes difficult to haul laundry up and down stairs, to summon the energy to prepare proper meals for oneself, or driving becomes potentially hazardous, companion care providers are the perfect solution to help seniors maintain their independence and remain in their own homes.

Even in the years before assistance is needed with household tasks, social engagement – this notion of having something to look forward to – benefits all seniors. This is why Full Heart Social Club exists – to engage seniors with entertaining activities and peer connections in safe, structured environments. Whether or not you currently receive Companion or Personal care services, we invite you to join our Full Heart Social Club for one or all of our monthly outings!

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