Our population’s makeup is shifting rapidly, with Americans over 65 being the fastest growing age group. As more seniors begin to need assistance due to disability, chronic conditions or normal aging, more home care agencies are being created to help these individuals remain in their own homes. The Department of Community Health (DCH), which regulates these agencies in Georgia, has an extensive Private Home Care Provider licensing protocol with a thick stack of rules and regulations to protect people like you.

One of the most important regulations requires that clients understand their rights, and one of these rights stands out as particularly important for you to know: you have the right to cancel services at any time.

We are not the cable company or your wireless carrier! While you will be asked to sign a service agreement, this document is largely intended to memorialize the services to be provided and the associated costs. It is required by DCH to explicitly state that you have the right to cancel at any time, so be sure any agency you choose is licensed and complies with this regulation.

Below is the full list of client rights and responsibilities.

  1. The right to be informed about and involved in developing your care plan
  2. The right to be promptly and fully informed of any and all changes to your care plan
  3. The right to accept or refuse services
  4. The right to be fully informed of charges for services
  5. The right to be informed of the name, telephone number and address of the person supervising your services
  6. The right to be informed about complaint procedures, the right to submit complaints orally or in writing without fear of discrimination or retaliation, and the right to have complaints investigated within a reasonable amount of time
  7. The right to confidentiality of your records
  8. The right to have your property and residence treated with respect
  9. The right to be provided the address and telephone number of the state licensing authority
  10. The right to a copy of the agency’s recent completed report of licensure inspection upon request
  11. The right to be advised that the client (or client’s representative) must inform the agency of any changes in the client’s condition or events that may affect the client’s service needs
  12. The right to ask questions, file complaints or receive more information about the services being delivered
  13. The right to cancel service agreements at any time and only be charged for services actually rendered prior to the time at which notice is given

At Full Heart Home Care, we also believe you have the right to the absolute best care imaginable, and that’s what we aim to provide each and every day. We are here to serve, so please take a look at our services and let us know how we can help you!

You can contact Andrea Fuller, Owner & CEO, by phone at 404-668-0128 or by email at [email protected].