Why is there a shortage of truly reliable, quality home care services in our area? It’s simple: most people cannot survive on home care worker wages, which creates a revolving door of dissatisfied and burned out caregivers.

There is a fundamental mismatch between the value of the services provided and wages paid. As a result, the most motivated and qualified members of the workforce seek opportunities where the rewards more closely match their efforts. For these individuals, rewards might mean immediate earning potential or advancement opportunity, neither of which has historically been appealing for home care.

Make no mistake, many home care workers are extraordinary individuals who sacrifice material rewards for the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. However, even these most benevolent individuals need to earn a livable income, and many are forced to seek other types of employment to make ends meet. This continuous exodus creates an ongoing need to hire more caregivers, and the cycle repeats.

Full Heart Home Care is on a mission to address the problem and deliver a new level of care for our clients that consistently exceeds expectations. We are creating a meritocracy in which the strongest employees are rewarded with continuous wage increases, access to additional benefits and career growth opportunities. We believe that offering rewards commensurate with effort and performance will allow us to attract and retain the absolute best caregivers and, in turn, provide our clients with the absolute best care.

It’s difficult to put a price tag on the peace of mind that comes with knowing your needs and those of your loved ones are being met by quality, trustworthy, compassionate caregivers. And yet on average, according to the Department of Labor, crossing guards and janitors make more money per hour than Home Health and Personal Care Aides in our area. These professional caregivers are certified nursing assistants with specialized training but scarcely earn more than parking lot attendants and short order cooks.

It is only by righting the scales and providing better incentives that we can attract and retain the best talent to provide high-quality, extraordinary care for each and every client. Full Heart Home Care clients can rest assured that we have the policies and practices in place to do just that.

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Full Heart Home Care Employee Benefits for Quality Care