Home Care Pulse recently published a list of the top ten home care complaints received in 2019 by agencies across the country. The article lists ten individual complaints but reveals two root problems that home care companies need to address in order to provide a higher level of client care.

The first root problem is the shortage of quality caregivers, which is a well-documented challenge facing our industry. So what inevitably happens when companies strive to grow revenues as quickly as possible? They are forced to hire average and below-average caregivers. In some cases, this means hiring well-intentioned individuals who simply lack experience. But worse, it often means hiring caregivers who are unmotivated, unreliable and / or lack interpersonal skills.

“Full Heart Home Care prioritizes quality of care over quantity of clients.”

Full Heart Home Care prioritizes quality of care over quantity of clients. While we certainly aim to grow and expand our impact throughout the greater Atlanta area, we have the freedom to do so at a measured pace that allows us to maintain a higher standard for our caregivers. As an independent company, we are not burdened with aggressive financial targets handed down from a corporate parent or headquarters office, so we have the luxury of taking our time to do things right. Prioritizing quality over quantity means investing to recruit the best of the best caregivers.

The second root problem underlying many of the top complaints boils down to poor customer service, which I believe stems from an underlying lack of understanding of and empathy for clients. This is where the personal experience of our CEO having received home care herself really sets Full Heart Home Care apart. With this unique insight, we understand our clients are whole people – not just a list of medical conditions. We strive to move beyond hourly transactions to create relationships with our clients so we can fully understand and address their needs. This also leads to open, two-way communications, mutual respect and a long-term perspective, all of which supports outstanding customer service and client satisfaction.

“…join us in our quest to raise the bar for quality home care.”

Ultimately, every company should view these common complaints as unacceptable – Full Heart Home Care certainly does. We hope you’ll join us in our quest to raise the bar for quality home care. Below is a brief summary of the complaints listed; click here to read the full article.

Complaints Related to Caregivers
  • Inadequate training
  • Lack of consistency
  • Lazy or distracted
  • Tardiness and no-shows
  • Personality conflicts
Complaints Related to Customer Service
  • Lack of communication
  • Billing errors
  • Scheduling problems
  • Rude office staff