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Full Heart Home Care is here to help you live your fullest life, whatever that means for you. Here’s how:

I. The Best Caregivers

Many companies claim to have the most qualified caregivers, but only Full Heart Home Care has a proven system in place to attract and retain the best of the best.
  • We attract the best with above-average compensation and mileage reimbursement.

  • We ensure caregiver alignment with our core values through candidate interviews and professional references.

  • We hire only those candidates who pass the most rigorous background checks allowable by law, which include 7 years of criminal and motor vehicle records.

  • We retain the best by rewarding outstanding caregivers with wage increases and access to additional benefits every three months.

  • We engage the best with a collaborative culture of continual learning and professional development.

II. Relationships vs. Transactions

Instead of viewing clients as hourly transactions, we believe relationships are the foundation for delivering exceptional care.

Through the relationship lens, we understand our clients are more than a list of medical conditions – they are whole people with rich lives, complex emotions and vast responsibilities. The needs of whole people extend beyond individual tasks performed at a given time, so Full Heart Home Care services do too.

The convenience and peace of mind that accompany our full-service approach come to life differently for different clients, but here are some examples of how we go beyond traditional hourly home care:

  • We perform a variety of services when we’re not “on the clock,” such as scheduling doctor appointments, ordering prescription refills, and researching home safety products.

  • We provide complimentary medication reminder phone calls as needed between regular caregiver visits.

  • We research and recommend providers we trust for a range of services a client might need, from help with an internet connection to roof repairs.

  • We help coordinate services we can’t provide ourselves, such as handyman help, technology troubleshooting, electrician or plumber services, lawn care, etc.

III. Unique Insight & Empathy

Our Owner & CEO has been on the receiving end of home care before and understands how difficult it is to become dependent upon others.

Andrea draws on her personal healthcare experiences to build a unique level of situational awareness and sincere empathy in everyone on the Full Heart Home Care team. She shares examples of healthcare providers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty and encourages her caregivers to take inspiration from these stories.

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