An Ounce of Prevention

Delaying the start of in-home care can sometimes lead to incidents that result in seniors needing significantly more help much sooner than they otherwise would. A couple of days of light assistance now can help prevent or postpone the need for more intensive care. A part-time caregiver can help by:

  • Performing household tasks that might be risky for elderly clients, thereby preventing injury
  • Identifying and eliminating fall risks before a fall occurs
  • Recognizing signs of a potential UTI or other health problem, allowing for treatment sooner
  • Preparing nutritious meals and encouraging hydration to support overall health

Adjustment Period

No matter how wonderful a caregiver is, clients need some time to get used to having someone new in the house. Beginning care gradually affords a more natural opportunity for the client and caregiver to get acquainted and allows time to adjust to having in-home care. When someone suddenly needs 12 hours of care per day, for example, the change is substantially more abrupt and can feel disruptive.

Supply and Demand

There are simply not enough caregivers to provide in-home care services for everyone who wants to remain at home. While the largest American generation, Baby Boomers, is aging, the workforce is shrinking due to subsequent generations being smaller and because of the COVID pandemic’s impact on workforce dynamics. The sooner you begin care and establish a relationship with a home care agency, the more likely you will be able to continue receiving care at home into the future.

Rest & Relaxation

Even if home care doesn’t feel like a necessity yet, it can feel like a luxurious treat after decades of caring for others. Laundry, cooking and other household chores require a lot of energy, and many seniors would rather devote that energy to hobbies and spending time with family and friends. With two or three days of in-home assistance, household tasks can be addressed and meals can be prepared for the week, preserving energy for those more enjoyable activities.

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We will work with you to establish a plan of care that fits your current situation and partner with you to adapt the plan as your needs evolve.