There is no shortage of companies offering home care services in and around Atlanta. And while most offer similar companion and personal care services, some deliver vastly different experiences than others. The “what” may look similar across many companies, but the “how” makes all the difference.

So how do you know which companies will provide the type of experience you want to receive? Reading online reviews is a good start, then ask these two questions to learn more about what you can expect from each.

        1. How do you select caregivers?

Would you believe that some companies combine the interview with orientation? They hire anyone and everyone who completes an application and appears for a scheduled “interview”. While this may allow those companies to staff more clients and bill more hours, this type of practice is not in the best interest of clients.

Full Heart Home Care hires only Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), which means all caregivers have completed the mandated training program, passed the standardized test and maintained their credentials. Once we have confirmed a candidate’s active CNA status, we conduct a brief phone screen, followed by an in-person interview. If we elect to offer the candidate a position, we then call references and initiate the most extensive background check allowable by law.

Once reference and background checks are complete, each new employee is required to complete New Caregiver Orientation before he or she can begin working with clients. We understand that clients place their trust in us, so we do everything we can to ensure that trust is warranted.

        2. How do you prepare caregivers for their assignments?

At Full Heart Home Care, we ensure caregivers are informed and prepared before they report for new assignments. Our team has access to client assessments and care plans through the app we use, and each caregiver receives a detailed briefing before working with a client he or she has not worked with before.

Before the first caregiver arrives for the first shift, we are already working to provide the most seamless and positive home care experience possible for our clients. Be sure to ask if any companies you’re considering are doing this, as well.

If an agency is doing the right things to provide you with the type of service – the “how” – you expect and deserve, its representatives will be glad to patiently answer these and other questions you may have.